Alumni of the Institute, spread around the Country, have made the Institution  proud of their accomplishments. They have contributed in significant ways, in all spheres of life, ranging from  industries, Training,administration, policy-making to entrepreneurship and social outreach.
Primary objective of this portal is to bring together faculty, Trainees  and all those alumni who have completed their training in all Trades.
We intend to gradually enrich this portal so as to provide following:
  • Access to relevant alumni database.
  • Creating Social Media Group and addition of Member on request.
  • Providing an interface by providing Contact Nos. ,Email-id to all verified alumni.
  • Providing a window to on-campus activities via subscription-based electronic newsletter and select opportunities to interact with the news makers.
  • Providing a way to help the institute by any one of the following means-
  • Collaborative  development, consulting or survey based projects.
  • Creating new  opportunity for on-campus.
  • Advising and informing Placement Cell with the latest manpower requirement to facilitate Campus Drives for the existing Trainees/recently passed out for the Company in which Alumni working or other known.
  • Creating/mentoring an entrepreneurship opportunity for interested trainees or Trainee- Instructor teams.
  • Partially/fully funding any of the ongoing or new projects /facilities.
  • Alumni may also bring in their technical problems as well as full/partial projects to the campus so that under the joint mentor ship of a faculty  as well as someone from the industry team, duly skilled students could work towards finding solutions to the identified problems or complete developmental projects based on a formal arrangements.
  • Facilitating alumni visits to campus based on an agreed agenda.
  • Seeking  new ideas and collecting feedback with respect to the current needs in various fields.